Krause Intaglio & Custom Bindery
Letterpress, Printmaking and Bookbinding in the Digital Age

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In Pre-press we have the ability to scan high-rez, separate into multiple colors, output on Film and make Polymerplates (FM Screen) for Letterpress and Printmaking.

The Layout of Books in digital Form or in Metal Type from our extensive collection of Typecasting Material (Ludlow).

We print Letterpress: Limited Edition Books, Limited large Prints (up to 28 x 42 Paper size) and anything in-between to the size of a Business card and smaller.

We print from Copperplates or Polymerplates, offer Gravure, Etching & Intaglio, Mezzotint and Aquatint.

Hand bound Books in classic french and german style, hand tooled and foil stamped, Limited Edition Binding, Artist Book Development.

We offer Shop Time to the dedicated Printmaker or Artisan in need of access to Equipment, Classes are offered in Letterpress, Typography, Printmaking and Bookbinding.
All necessary Tools and Equipment is at hand, a Research Library as Guidance and Instructions from a well rounded Master Craftsman.